Lacey Estes

First Name: Lacy Estes

What year did you graduate? 2010

What degree did you receive and what was your major? Associates in the science of nursing

What is your current occupation? Family Nurse Practitioner

Why did you choose to attend MDCC? MDCC was close to home, offered great scholarships and had a wonderful nursing school reputation. It was a small town that offered a great education.

Who was your favorite teacher during your time at MDCC and why? Mrs. Debbie Gants. She was a phenomenal teacher. Her passion for science and her students was like none other. She inspired me! She is the reason I have such a great foundation for anatomy and physiology. I can still hear her lecture on the renin-angiotensin system in my head to this day!

What is your best memory from your time at MDCC? Dorm life was so much fun! The campus was small enough that everyone knew everyone! I loved everything about college life as a Trojan.

For you personally, what encapsulates the term “Trojan Spirit”? A love and passion to keep a top notch educational opportunity close to home!