Emily Manning

What is your Name? Emily Manning

What year did you graduate? 2020

What degree did you receive and what was your major? Associates Degree in Social Sciences

What is your current occupation? I am currently a full-time student at Delta State University.

Why did you choose to attend MDCC? I chose to attend MDCC late into my freshman year because I knew it was the smartest choice for me money-wise and that I would get a stellar education there. And while I was there, I earned lifelong friends as well as maintained a great GPA and an amazing education.

Who was your favorite teacher during your time at MDCC and why? While I attended MDCC I had two favorite teachers. They were Sunita Sharma and Claire Webb Green. Ms. Sharma because she always made sure to keep me on track and she made class very entertaining. And Ms. Green because she helped make sure I would be prepared for my future college endeavors as well as future career possibilities.

What is your best memory from your time at MDCC? My best memories are from when I assisted Reagan Kisner and her sister in taking pictures for the football games and some of the softball games!

For you personally, what encapsulates the term “Trojan Spirit”? Trojan Spirit to me encapsulates someone who is willing to be available to help in any way possible and makes education their number one priority.